Better Alternative?

Vaping is not a new phenomenon and was introduced as a substitute for regular smoking. The popularity of vaping and the high demand for vapor in the market shows a rising trend in the popularity of this electronic smoking options. The advantages of vaping outweigh the cost of the product as it is costlier than a normal cigarette. Some of the advantages that contribute to the acceptance of vaping are:

Vapor Uses fewer Chemicals

A normal cigarette has many harmful chemicals in abundance. A smoker consumes all these chemicals while smoking and thus is exposed to many illnesses including cancer. In Vaping, the E-cigarettes make minimal use of such chemicals. They are also made using artificial flavors that are not detrimental to health as the chemicals in a regular cigarette are to health.

Health-Related Risks are Low

A cigarette user can suffer from many health-related problems. Cancer, heart diseases, and respiratory problems are common in habitual smokers. Using e-cigarettes, one can limit such health risks greatly.

The harmful chemicals that lead to health issues are not prominent in Vaping and therefore the frequent health issues linked with regular smoking can be avoided.

Less Addictive Alternative

Those smokers who cannot quit smoking altogether and are struggling smoke addition have found relief in vaping. Not only vaping allows them to have a feel of regular smoke but nicotine in a Vape is far less than a regular cigarette. Long-time smokers eventually quit smoking by first shifting to vaping as an alternative.


In Vaping, there is no unnecessary smoke that not only pollutes the environment but also makes it unbearable for other people to be around a smoker.

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